1968 Hot Wheels Commercials – The Original 16 HotWheels Classic


These are some cool 1968 Hot Wheels Commercials..The year Hot Wheels started!! Sixteen new vehicles were released on this year. The were also known as “The Original 16.” Enjoy 🙂




The Original List of 1968 Hot Wheels

* Beatnik Bandit (designed by Ed Roth)
* Custom Barracuda
* Custom Camaro
* Custom Corvette
* Custom Cougar
* Custom Eldorado
* Custom Firebird
* Custom Fleetside
* Custom Mustang
* Custom T-Bird
* Custom Volkswagen (designed by Ira Gilford)
* Deora
* Ford J-Car
* Hot Heap
* Python (designed by Dean Jeffries, based on Bill Cushenberry’s “Cheetah” show car)
* Silhouette


Source: http://hotwheels.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_1968_Hot_Wheels

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