33rd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention Nissan Skyline GT-R Yellow 2019

33rd-Annual-Hot-Wheels-Collectors-Convention-2019-Nissan-Skyline-GT-R-Yellow-jdm The 33rd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention took place October 2 to 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Check out this awesome Nissan Skyline GT-R Yellow released during this convention 🙂

This Nissan Skyline GT-R is a new version of the casting that has an opening hood, in yellow color and has full-detail, with the event insignia on top of the spoiler. Limited to 5000 pieces !



Below are all the vehicles were released at the 33rd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention:

Toy #



Body Color


Wheel Type




GDF76 1 of 3 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) Yellow Details Grey RR6SPM 5,000 First release with opening hood 1E216EE1-19A5-4D6F-98A7-813F97614F68
GDF77 2 of 3 Custom ’62 Chevy Dark Blue White Scallops, ’76’ Logos, “Matty’s Garage Lube Oil Tires” on side Goodyear RR5SP 5,000 33rd Hot Wheels Collectors Convention Custom '62 Chevy
GDF79 3 of 3 ’55 Chevy Panel with Bike Black & White ‘Highway Patrol & Pursuit’ and Police Badge on Door White-Line RR5SP 3,500 Finale Car 930BBA48-2C89-4A12-8EB4-A808E6E9BDAF
GDF78 Ramblin’ Wrecker Chrome Gold ‘Larry Wood 50 Years Logo’ on Side ‘MR HOT WHEELS 1969-2019 Gold TRR 4,000 Dinner Car (Larry Wood) 3D54ABA8-D1B5-49B6-BFFA-E71391336B33
GDF80 Custom Volkswagen Spectraflame Pink White Fenders RL RLC Party 2020 Hot Wheels RLC Custom Volkswagen

Note: The ’66 Dodge A100 was used as a ‘Charity’ vehicle in Olive Green but was not an official Hot Wheels product.

Source : https://hotwheels.fandom.com/wiki/33rd_Annual_Hot_Wheels_Collectors_Convention

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