Matchbox Volkswagen Beetle Taxi – Mexico Green Taxi

Matchbox Volkswagen Beetle Taxi

First post of the day.. this is one of my favorite Matchbox model, Matchbox Volkswagen Beetle Taxi 🙂 This Matchbox Volkswagen Beetle Taxi looks very similar to the Mexico City Taxi. Taxicabs of Mexico is a form of public transport in Mexico, notably at Mexico City, with very low fares compared to that in more economically developed countries (about 90% lower). Is estimated to be a fleet of 60,000 taxis, making it the biggest taxicabs fleet in the world.

In Mexico, the little green and white beetle is called El Vocho has been running in the city for over 50 years, but this will soon become the history. The Mexican government will be replacing them with more modern, fuel-efficient vehicles. The environment-friendly government has been trying to cut down on smothering smog and high ozone levels with plans such as growing rooftop gardens and limiting the number of cars on the road.

Matchbox Volkswagen Beetle Taxi

Matchbox-Volkswagen-Beetle-Taxi-Mexico, VW Taxi, Mexico Green Taxi

The ministry’s recent decision to rid the city of all cars older than 10 years by 2012 is a blow to the capital’s 20 million inhabitants who rely on some 100,000 taxis, 75,000 of which are older than 10 years and 80 percent of which are Beetle, according to ministry records.


Matchbox Volkswagen Beetle TaxiMatchbox Volkswagen Beetle Taxi

Matchbox Volkswagen Beetle Taxi

At the end of 2012, there will be no more Beetle Taxi in the Mexico.

Wiki Source : Mexico Taxi Cabs


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